Construction Update

The  cafe build is progressing on time, with an estimated full site completion of end June.

Completion of the carpark area will include installation of two electric vehicle charging docks, available free of charge to customers at the time of visit, during business hours only.

At this time no cafe tenant has been confirmed, but our brokers are working on potentials.

Landscaping will commence in the latter phase of cafe construction. 

We acknowledge that access is still slightly limited but do remind you of the carpark access to us, pharmacy & hairdresser. We appreciate your tolerance of our construction process.

Email prescription request option

You may have noted from the home page that we have introduced an email option for repeat script requests. This is designed to save frustration with phone access, to confirm exactly which items you require & to allow you convenience to request in your own time.

This service is NOT for same-day / urgent requests, which still require a telephone request as the email page will not be serviced by constant monitoring.

Text message will confirm script readiness or to advise need to be seen instead, as has always been the case - see policies page.