Circumcision Clinic

$250 total fee.

Peter Wilkinson provides a circumcision service to newborns; the preferred age for this to be performed is at FOUR WEEKS but requests for alternative times will be entertained, although generally the upper age limit is 6-8 weeks (depending on child size).

An initial consultation with both parents is required to provide full information & consent to be obtained. The information below is not intended to replace this consultation.

The Procedure


Unlike the traditional method as shown, the procedure involves loosening the adherent foreskin from the head of penis, a small cut is then made in the foreskin so that a device known as a Plastibell can be inserted under the foreskin. The excess foreskin is then drawn up to an appropriate level & a string is then tied over it at the site of the Plastibell's rim, so that the circulation to the terminal foreskin is cut off. The foreskin therefore undergoes the same tissue changes as those experienced with the umbilical stump. Typically between 4 & 6 days after the circumcision, the dead foreskin & plastic ring separate away from the penis; at this time the healing area looks quite inflamed due to foreign-body reaction but this will settle down over a day or two.

The main risks of this procedure are bleeding, urinary obstruction & inappropriate scarring; these are explained in greater detail at the initial consultation.