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$20: Standard Prescription (2 business days.)
$25: Standard Prescription–Faxed (2 business days.) 

Urgent prescription refills cost $25 and should be made by phone within business hours.
Please call (03) 349 6716 to arrange. 

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If your doctor has agreed to repeat prescriptions being supplied by telephone or email request, there is a 2 business day process for these to be generated. This allows a timely review of your notes / results etc & discussion between nurse & doctor; there is naturally a fee incurred in this. The full "repeats" policy regarding which medications can be issued in this way is available at the rooms. Please understand that a consultation may be required in order to provide you with the best care that we can. We prefer that you collect the prescription in person; due to costs in postage & extra time, faxed prescriptions incur a higher fee, as do those requested as a "same-day" supply.