Fee adjustments 1st July

Please note an adjustment in fees from 1st July 2019 - basically a small increase in consultation fees for those over 18 years of age, & for prescription fees. We have held this as low as possible but it is needed following wage rounds & increases in goods & services we procure.

If you hold a Community Services Card we have accepted the funding from this date, so that a reduction in standard consultation fee applies.

A standard consultation is generally regarded as a “talk” over one main item, or two lesser items, without any goods (eg needles / dressings etc) being used in the process, and within the normal consultation appointment timeframe.

New nurse

We are delighted to welcome Miranda to our nursing pool from 4th June. She brings a wealth of experience from the paediatric service in Christchurch Hospital.

As many will know, Emily will be going onto maternity leave shortly; in the first instance Miranda will take over Emily’s role & when Emily returns (as we all expect! ), we will operate on a 5 nurse roster.

We trust you will welcome Miranda into the fold as you have all of our new staff.


We have been increasingly sustaining thefts of books & magazines from the surgery, including copper from the walls!

We pride ourselves on the quality & recent age of these and it is disappointing that people who put their trust in us for health issues, would then disrespect such by stealing from us.

Likewise thefts of toilet rolls, especially from the accessible toilet in foyer (supplied by us ), even the container has gone! - seriously folks, stealing toilet rolls in Templeton? Consequently we will only provide the roll on the holder at any one time.

Should these thefts continue, some 1960s Readers Digests & one-ply scratchy paper rolls are readily at hand to access.

Please assist us in keeping the standards high.

Email prescription request option

You may have noted from the home page that we have introduced an email option for repeat script requests. This is designed to save frustration with phone access, to confirm exactly which items you require & to allow you convenience to request in your own time.

This service is NOT for same-day / urgent requests, which still require a telephone request as the email page will not be serviced by constant monitoring.

Text message will confirm script readiness or to advise need to be seen instead, as has always been the case - see policies page.