(1)   email policy :

Due to concerns about privacy; medicolegal questions such as time to respond & how long can an email exchange go for; how to bill for the time to deal with email communication and that often email does not convey the desired message properly, we DO NOT offer an email communication at this time, with the exception of your email requests for repeat prescriptions.

(2)   Results policy :

We utilise a "no news is good news" policy in conveying results. Only abnormal results will be notified unless the normal results require a change in the intended management plan. However if you do not receive results (either way) please feel free to contact the nurses or book a return consultation. Note that normal results as tested may not indicate absence of disease & if you are in doubt, talk to us (otherwise we may assume all is well).

(3)  Contact re results :

We will always telephone you in the first instance. If you cannot / do not answer, we will leave a message to call. If urgency to contact you is required, we will then text you a request to contact (so it is vital we always have current details) if we have a mobile number. If there is no response to either of these, we will post a letter to the address in your file details. This is the final attempt we will make & we do not accept responsibility for your inaction in contacting us. At no time will we leave result details in any of these 3 contacts unless we have your express permission (eg warfarin dose may be advised).

(4)  Left forms :

It is common for forms (insurance, prior approval, WINZ etc) to be left at front desk for completion. These will be completed within a week of receipt & generally will incur a fee. If they are required with greater urgency, we request that you make an appointment with your doctor for completion during that time BUT this would be regarded as the SOLE PURPOSE of that consultation, & NOT as an add-on item.

(5)  Complaints :

While we all endeavour to do our best by you & for you, occasionally you may feel the need to complain. A form is available to complete for this purpose at reception & it can be returned for the attention of our Complaints Officer (who is Wendy T).

(6)  "Phone" prescriptions :

If your doctor has agreed to repeat prescriptions being supplied by telephone or email request, which will generally only be alternate 3-monthly scripts at most, there is a 2 business day process for these to be generated. This allows a timely review of your notes / results etc & discussion between nurse & doctor; there is naturally a fee incurred in this. The full "repeats" policy regarding which medications can be issued in this way is available at the rooms. Do not be offended if told that a consultation is required as we are trying to provide you with the best care we can. We prefer that you collect the prescription in person; due to costs in postage & extra time, faxed prescriptions incur a higher fee, as do those requested as a "same-day" supply.

(7)  Privacy :

The confidentiality of what is discussed between you & us is of paramount importance to us, and we will protect that with all our legal ability. We ask you to give great consideration to what you ask us to release to third parties, and at all times we will require a paper trail for this; for example, we will never discuss your health issues with a teacher or employer or government dept etc, by telephone, but only in writing after your documented permission.

(8)  Missed appointments :

Appointments are often at a premium & while we acknowledge delays are sometimes inevitable, we reserve the right to charge for appointments that are missed ("no-show") or are cancelled within 60 minutes of due time, as that may not allow the opportunity for the slot to be re-allocated. Under-13 missed appointments incur a $10 fee. Three "no-show" appointments will result in us asking you to transfer to another practice.

(9)  Payments :

It is an understanding of your enrolment with us, that fees are payable at the time of service. It may be that we ask for payment in advance, if the service is high-value or you are not known to us (please do not be offended). Sometimes, we acknowledge illness does not wait for payday - please ask for the account so that you can pay by direct credit. Should the account not be paid by month end, an administration fee is generated to recover costs of invoicing, postage etc; this is a non-negotiable fee, unless you have entered an arrangement with us. Accounts outstanding at 3 months will prevent another appointment.

(10)  Capitation :

General practice has a component of government subsidy to keep your costs down. We are required to submit an up-to-date register of enrolled patients (ie those who regard us as their primary caregivers) every 3 months. If you have been well & not consulted with us for a 3 year period, that funding lapses; that would normally mean you will charged as if you were a "casual" consultation at your next appointment. We try to anticipate this by sending out a request to you to confirm your enrolment & to keep our records current. Should you receive such, please return to us in the self-addressed envelope as soon as possible. A clean register is a healthy register!

(11) Re-enrolment :

On occasion, people leave our practice enrolment without moving areas - perhaps for dissatisfaction with care at the time, personal reasons, financial reasons etc. We do not have a responsibility to accept a re-enrolment should they subsequently change their mind.

(12) Rest homes :

Due to our physical location, & the demands that the style of rest home care / practice gives rise to, we are generally unable to provide rest home care to patients. Only in very rare situations will we continue such, but normally would assume the in-house medical practice to take over.