Fees and Services

ADULT over 25 years$52 (enrolled & registered)
ADULT 18 to 24 years$46 (ditto)
CHILD 13 to 17 years $40 (ditto)
CHILD under 13 yearsno charge
ACC part-charge$40 (or adjusted child fee - 13-17 $32; under 13 free - CASUALS HIGHER)
Nurse-only ACC consultations$25 (or $40 if doctor called in to adult, $30 to child)
Nurse consultations$30 -$35
Liquid nitrogen$20
Prescription requests$10
Prescription - Faxed$15
Prescription - Same Day$20
IUCD insertion$120 - NB pipelle fee $60
Minor surgery FROM$200
Dressing fees & wound closure fees$10 -$40 (depending on size / complexity)
HRNZ medicals$110
Driving licence medicals$70
Aclasta infusions$120
Skin examinations$140 (full dermoscopic examination)
ECG & Spirometry$40 each
Injections$15 - $20 (in addition to consultation cost)
Forms completion$20
Missed appointments$30 (see policies page)
Non Registered fee$90 (for adult over 18 - $75 with card ;child 13-17 $70 or $60; child 6-12 $50 or $45; child under 6 $35)

Consultation fee may differ from above due to complexity or duration of service. A more complete range of services & fees is available at the surgery, including vaccines.

Fees are payable at time of service - administration fee of $5 (and collection fees) apply otherwise.


Download Enrolment Form Here

To enrol, please print off the form above, COMPLETE FULLY (all fields), one for EACH family member, and deliver to surgery. Please note that completion & presentation of this form does NOT ensure registration / enrolment with us.